Prioritize Your Life

Are you ready to move your life from Filled to Fulfilled?


Your coaching sessions with Kay will be designed by YOU, and the goal is to bring you greater awareness, clarity, and focus.

Through our coaching, you will develop the skills to empower yourself by creating a powerful positive mindset along with connecting and trusting your intuition.

You will experience a higher level of energy, motivation and fulfillment in all aspects of your life: personal relationships, business, finances, health, scheduling, play, and spirituality.

Gain Clarity & Focus

Are you craving clarity and direction in your life and/or business?


Are you experiencing brain fog? Are you sick and tired of making goals and not achieving them or not making them at all?

As humans, we are unaware of the 60,000 thoughts we have daily, which is why we keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

Step #1 is being aware of what you are thinking. Holistic Coaching is designed to bring clarity to your personal life and your business or career. To re-direct you from looking back at the past and to step fully into the light of today and the future that YOU choose to create!

Balance Your Energy & Time

Are you struggling to manage everything so you can stay in balance?


Have you ever stood on a Bosu ball? To balance, you must first find your center and be aware of counter-balancing to maintain your position on the ball. Life is also about counterbalancing, but what I see so often is the sacrifice of giving up your self & your self-care to please everyone else, resulting in deprivation of time and energy. There is a better way... for YOU.

Holistic Coaching focuses on the trifecta: managing your brain, managing your energy and managing your time.


Private 1-1 Coaching

We'll take a look at your life and career from the inside out and help you shift into alignment.

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Group Coaching Membership

Blending life and business into harmony to help you find your sweet spot in life!

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Meet Kay


Welcome to my piece
of the online world!


I am incredibly passionate as a Holistic (whole) life and business coach to help people find that sweet spot in life, blending life and business!
I have been an entrepreneur since I was 9 years old (that’s a story for another day) so it's safe to say that I have had many of failures that have led to both opportunities and successes!
In 2014, I was forced to be still due to a hip replacement, and in that time of stillness I got real clear that my life was filled, but not fulfilling. Have you ever thought about the difference?
It's HUGE... and I was no longer willing to accept living an unfulfilled life! 
I love this quote by Marshall Goldsmith:
"What got you here, won't get you there."
So, my transformation began. 
For over 25 years now, I have been coaching, educating, and training and I live for that moment in time when my clients begin to experience their own transformation:
the sweet spot!


Jodi Carey

Owner of Coach with Jodi

"When I thought about hiring Kay as my brain coach, I was scared to make the call. That is how I knew I was doing the right thing and that she would be the right coach for me. I was looking for someone who would not let me get away with my BS. The past year with Kay has been life changing. My focus is health and finance and I am on track with both. I am a real estate coach and she guides me through that as well. If you are ready to commit to changing your brain, thoughts, and feelings, Kay gets my recommendation 100% of the time. Change your brain, change your life!"

Marc Shaffer

Principal of Searcy Financial

"I’ve worked with several different coaches and mentors over the years, but Kay has a special way of uncovering and talking about the elephant in the room.  Coaching is not a one and done process.  It is an evolution as you go through life’s peaks and valleys and I’m glad I have Kay on my side as an accountability partner and someone who reminds me of priorities and the required thoughts and next steps to meet my life goals.  The group coaching has been invaluable to connect with other entrepreneurs who are going through similar struggles.  This group is now celebrating together and helping each other in much the same way a family would.  I look forward to staying involved going forward for the coaching and the network!"

Shannon Luna

Owner of Salon Luna

"I have dreamed for many years of having my own salon. I started working with Kay about 2 years ago. I spoke this out loud to Kay and she told me this would happen. If I was a betting woman I would have lost. She guided me through everything I needed to do to make this dream a reality. If you need any kind of guidance with personal or business Kay is your person. She will give you the tools to do what you need to succeed. If you choose to use them correctly you will be able to make your dreams come to reality. I’m so thankful for Kay in my life."

Chad Lee


"So much to say about Coach K! You have helped me tremendously over the last 5 months. Honestly, I was a little hesitant to join a group coaching session. However, you have been a saving grace to me. The group session is like family, the environment is relaxing and comfortable to give us courage to share our own personal experiences, and most of all the support you give to all of us. You have helped me overcome situations that were roadblocks before and now I can face a roadblock with a positive mind, energy and patience to move through the roadblock. Thank you for all you do. I cannot thank you enough and look forward to continuing to grow as a person!"

Allison Crow

Life & Biz Coach for SoulFull CEOs

"I live and work and play in the land of coaching. And when I needed to turn my money and health story around 180 - Kay is who I called. I am grateful to have her wisdom in my life as a coach. Straight talk. Wise intuition. Sharp strategy. No BS. Big Love - that is Kay."

Kristen Wogan Doyle

Owner of DineandDish

"The amount of forward movement in my life, change in my thought patterns and behaviors, beliefs about money, and most of all increase in my productivity and the clarity in my life has been incredible. My only complaint is that I didn't listen to the nudges of so many people I know over the last couple years and sign up for Kay's awesome coaching sooner! Listen to the nudges and sign up for her coaching today... you won't regret it."

Let's Get Started

I would love to help you build the clarity and confidence to design a life you love. I can't wait to celebrate your victories & breakthroughs!


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